Financial advice

CapitalStackers does not provide financial advice.

The role of CapitalStackers is to introduce willing borrowers and lenders to each other.

CapitalStackers will list on its website what it considers to be good quality investment opportunities. However a decision to invest must be taken by each CapitalStackers Investor along with their own Independent Financial Adviser (if appropriate).

CapitalStackers therefore assumes no responsibilities to investors who participate entirely at their own risk. 

That said, we can try and make sure you exercise good old fashioned common sense. For example, it probably wouldn't be appropriate to put all your spare cash into the top layer of a single project. Instead, you would be better spreading your risk by investing across a number of deals.

If you would like to speak to an independent advisor and explore how CapitalStackers might fit into your investment strategy:

You might find this FCA advice useful in the search for an Independent Financial Adviser.