It can be so frustrating to have a good opportunity held back by the restricted lending market.

It costs you nothing at the initial assessment stage

The funds may come from any number of investors, but you will deal direct with CapitalStackers and we’ll handle all the lending administration with the investors.

Thanks to CapitalStackers, you can finally convert those opportunities. We have a network of investors looking for good lending opportunities right now.

Basically, you secure your base level bank funding (or you can ask us to help you do that), then a group of private investors brought together by CapitalStackers will plug the gap between this and your equity (naturally, we expect you to have skin in the game).

CapitalStackers gives you access to a wealth of knowledge - our team is hugely experienced in the workings of the finance and property markets - so you’ll get all the knowledge, skill and support you need to drive your deal forward.

We arrange and provide funding for residential and commercial development projects (examples of which are shown in the Deal Portfolio).

If you have a project you think we can help you to fund, just call us on 0161 979 0812 or email with details.