Senior debt

In order to put the junior debt funding in place (the bit that CapitalStackers raises which sits between the bank funding and your equity) the majority of deals require you (or us) to source senior debt finance.

If you have a good relationship with a bank and can arrange this for yourself, that’s fine, but if you’d like CapitalStackers to arrange it through our contacts for a broking fee, we’re always happy to do so.

We have excellent relationships with a number of banks and debt funds.

For property investment funding, the senior debt, CapitalStack and equity will be employed together on day one.

The advantage of funding developments through CapitalStackers is that you can split the financing so that the bank provides the construction portion of your funding and the CapitalStackers segment will go against the purchase of your site.

Oh, and by the way, we can also do the senior debt - but we raise all the funding on day one. That's a more expensive way to borrow but it can suit shorter term deals.