How it works

In a world where some banks have put the brakes on property lending, CapitalStackers helps you free the wheels.

Simply put, we “stack” private finance on top of bank funding to help you reach whatever level of funding you need. We actually have investors waiting to lend on property schemes. We can even fund the whole loan - but to protect you and the investors, all funds are raised at the outset. Of course, that's more expensive than drawing down in stages but it provides much more certainty.

So basically, you put your scheme up for auction and a group of people come together via CapitalStackers to invest in it. Each investor can choose the level of risk they come in at, so they know exactly what they’re signing up for.

And for you as the borrower, it’s the perfect way to get your project off the ground.

The senior debt will usually be provided by one of the traditional high street lenders, a challenger bank or debt fund.

The CapitalStack then fills the gap between this senior debt and your equity. If you need us to help arrange this bank funding, we’ll be more than happy to support you with the benefit of our experience and contacts in this area.

Deals are posted in the primary market place for a set period and members bid to participate. These bids may be pre-agreed (i.e. on a first come first served basis) or subject to being outbid – and the deal is driven by the market. You can reasonably anticipate the interest rate will end up lower than first negotiated (but not always).  

At the end of the auction, CapitalStackers will arrange the external due-diligence, have the loan documented and arrange for the funds to be paid to your solicitor to complete the acquisition or refinance. Any funds we raise for ongoing construction are held in a deal wallet and released against the monitoring surveyor's certification.

Any fall in property value will affect your equity first, rather than the lending group.

For more information about our relationship management, go to the Our People page.