What we do

We bring sophisticated investors together with experienced and professional property operators.

Next, we marry them both up with the most suitable senior lender (often a challenger bank) on conservative senior debt terms.

In simple terms, we plug the funding gap between the Developer’s equity and the amount the bank can lend them under their terms of business.

And finally, we nurture this symbiotic relationship, allowing the property people to get on with what they do best and bring their product to a wider investor audience whilst giving the individual investors the opportunity to participate in specific, risk-managed deals.

Liquidity is massively reduced across the entire banking sector.

After the financial crash, many banks withdrew altogether from real estate lending, or restricted their property lending activities to the restructuring of their existing loan book. Those that remained in the market and new challenger banks joining them are much more conservative.

Any new deals require a much higher level of cash equity from the borrower.

Here, you can see the shift in lending appetite:

  Development Investment Loan
Previously Now Previously Now
Loan to Value (“LTV”) Ratio 80%+ 50% - 65% 85%+ 55% - 70%
Loan to Cost (“LTC”) Ratio Up to 100% 60% - 80%  

Our aim is to plug this funding gap and enable deals to happen.