CapitalStackers Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN:722549). Registered in England (Co. No. 7361691). Investment through CapitalStackers involves lending to property developers and investors. Your capital is at risk. Investments through this and other crowdfunding platforms are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. To read more about risks, click here.


For an experienced property entrepreneur, it can be so frustrating to have a good opportunity but be unable to progress it due to the restricted lending market.

But, thanks to CapitalStackers, you can finally convert those opportunities. We have a network of investors looking for good lending opportunities right now.

Basically, you secure your base level bank funding, then a group of private investors brought together by CapitalStackers will plug the gap between this and your equity (naturally, we expect you to have skin in the game!).

CapitalStackers gives you access to a wealth of knowledge – our team of professional advisers is hugely experienced in the workings of the finance and property markets - so you’ll get all the weight you need to drive your deal forward.

We can even help you to arrange the senior debt.

Just go to the Apply Now option in the menu and give us the details of your proposal. We’ll review your deal and let you know if we think it’s suitable for the CapitalStackers investor network.

If so, we’ll review the opportunities for both senior and CapitalStackers debt and prepare to put the finance into place.

It costs you nothing at this initial assessment stage!

The funds may come from any number of investors, but you will deal direct with CapitalStackers and we’ll handle all the lending administration with the investors.

The benefits of dealing with CapitalStackers include:

  • Access to new sources of funding.
  • CapitalStackers has a close relationship with its Senior Funding Partners and, where necessary, will direct your proposal to the most likely source of successful funding.
  • Comprehensive review and advice on your proposal which may allow elements to be restructured to make it more bankable and deliverable.